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6222 W 10000 S
Payson, UT, 84651
United States


Valley View Equestrian is a horse riding and training facility located in West Mountain, Utah (west of Payson).  Emphasizing a fun, professional experience, Valley View Equestrian offers equine riding lessons for children (age 7+), teens and adults focusing on many disciplines including: dressage, eventing and hunter-jumper. Individual and group lessons are available and dedicated riders can join the Valley View Equestrian Team for a more committed and competitive experience. Throughout the year Valley View Equestrian puts on several Pony Camps, including a four-day summer camp each year in July. Our facilities are located in the gorgeous West Mountain area overlooking the Utah Valley. To better serve the needs of our riders we offer affordable horse boarding and leasing programs. The barn area features a full riding arena, an outdoor cross country jump course, a tacking/washing area, tack storage barn, pens and pasture area. 


Valley View Equestrian

Welcome to Valley View Equestrian


Valley View EQ is a horse riding and training facility dedicated to offering fun, professional training for kids and teens.



Dressage, Eventing, Natural Horsemanship, Hunter-Jumper

Why you'll love horseback riding at Valley View EQ


We care about the rider.

We care about the horse.

At Valley View Equestrian the relationship between horse and rider is priority one. Horseback riding should be fun for the student and the animal. We pride ourselves on our riding ability and horsemanship and always remember that an enjoyable experience is the most important part of horse sports.


We blend casual and competitive riding so that the needs of each student are met. Students learn more than just riding skills. They also learn responsibility, horse care, basic vet skills and more.

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Adrenaline.          Discipline.

Horseback riding offers a rewarding combination of energy and technique. 

Equestrian riding will challenge riders and help them develop amazing skills. Jumping is a high-speed, high-energy sport; while dressage is a dance, requiring finesse and precision. Valley View EQ riders learn to master the most important aspects of dressage, jumping and eventing to become well-rounded horsemen and horsewomen. 


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Competitive Valley View Equestrian Team.


Take your riding to the next level.

Valley View EQ students have the opportunity to be part of a team dedicated to being the best horseback riders around. The team becomes a tight-knit group that learns, practices and competes together throughout the year. 


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Top-tier training for you and your horse.

Affordable prices so that all horse lovers can ride.

Head Instructor Kate Healey is a United States Pony Clubs C3-Dressage and HB certified instructor with more than 15 years of experience in equine sporting competition and more than 10 years in horseback riding instruction.

High quality clinicians and guest instructors are invited to Valley View EQ on a regular basis to give students diverse perspectives and opportunities. 

Our prices are competitive and affordable. 


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Learn with other riders in group lessons.

Train with friends and other students.


For most horseback riders, the most fun they can have is riding, training and learning with other students who are also horse-lovers! The Valley View EQ barn is about having a great time with other students. Group lessons, horse management sessions, team session, camps, competitions, Valley View EQ shows and barn parties are all part of the Valley View EQ experience.


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Great horses for great riders.

Students team up with the horse or pony that fits.

One thing that makes horseback riding, and especially equestrian sports, unique from other sports is the two-part team of horse and rider. At Valley View EQ we will make sure every student is paired up with a horse or pony that they can learn from and grow with. Most students board their horses at Valley View EQ's facility or lease Valley View EQ horses for use. 


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